About Switch

Trading tokens just got easier

Switch is a brand new kind of token exchange. Switch not only gives users the ability to seamlessly "switch" between other assets, but you can buy gift cards, donate to non profits, gamble and more! Welcome to the future of asset exchange.

Switch tokens (ESH) represent a revenue share of 50% of ALL fees collected by Switch and SwitchDex.ag. Each month that 50% is airdropped to Switch (ESH) token holders.

Switch Is The Easiest, Fastest, & Most Secure Token Exchange. Period

With Switch, not only do you get an intuitive UI that’s very easy to use, but also amazingly fast transactions times, averaging just a few minutes. With the ability to trade vs 100+ tokens, as well as use your crypto in other unique ways, you’ll never have to leave your money on an exchange again! Switch has no accounts and collects 0 customer information. Remember, if you don’t have the keys, they’re not your coins.

Monetize Your Website With Switch Exchange Widgit

Switch Exchange Widgit is the easiest way to “switch” assets on the go. The Switch Exchange widget allows anyone to install it on their website, blog, news site, etc and get paid as a Switch affiliate!

Switch API Integrations

The Switch API integrates seamlessly with wallets, payment processors, merchants, ATM's, and more! For merchants, this opens up the ability for anyone that accepts Ethereum to accept any token supported by Switch. Interested in integrating the Switch API?

Reach out at [email protected]


Meet Our Advisers

John McAfee
Mate Tokay
Simon Cocking
Edward Mandel